wish i was…





as the days are lengthening and the weather is warming up, i am longing to spend some time outside, on my own, in the soft pre-spring sun. in my fantasies i have a sweet little tent/teepee to lay in and read, write or just day dream. i will take my stack of unread magazines {of which there is many}, my favourite journal and beautiful throws and pillows so i can really settle in {like hibernating, but in spring}.

i think i will try and make this ‘wish i was…’ a reality. i’ll let you know how i go.

the marimekko dress i only spied today over at maria’s lovely blog ‘jamie says dream’. the moment i saw this image my heart was singing. i think this dress will be perfect for planning and dreaming.

mmm…. i wish i was…

much love



images:  ||  via down and out chic via countryliving  ||  marimekko autumn 2012, photo kaapo kamu. via jamie says dream via mackapär  ||  how sweet it is  ||


9 thoughts on “wish i was…

  1. tina

    Oh, do I know the feeling of unread journals and also some books. I’ve been sooooo busy lately and with taking photographs and blogging…. what can I say?

    You’ve just inspired me. Ok, the idea of the teepee is fun, but do I really want to schlepp all my stuff out? I’ve got an in-build nook for reading. So, here goes. I will commit to spending between 1-2 hours on a friday afternoon/early evening catching up?

    Fancy also committing??? Happy weekend xx

    Love the Marimekko dress.

      1. tina

        OK, you’re on!! Starting today? I might do it tomorrow or so coz we have a long weekend…
        I’ll be reporting back… have a great weekend. xx
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