thoughts for thursday {plans}

artwork by katie daisy


i have been thinking about this one.

what are you wanting? do you have a plan?

i’d love to hear about it…

much love xxx



  • Liz Villacorta

    Great inspiration! I want to enjoy my engagement and plan a wedding that reflects both me and my fiancé. I want to let go of resentments that I’ve been having with family and really just enjoy this time in my life. What about you?? Hmmm….please do share!

  • Noreen Sullivan

    oh i love that – the art and the saying! wherever we are in life, today is our day. today i will create the happiest classroom i can, full of children challenging themselves, making a safe space for mistakes, and a calm space for my students who have a bit of chaos going on at home. i will get my daughter to the doctor and try to run 4 miles after school. then i will make a family dinner and post on my blog afterwards. then clean up, and get the kiddos to bed. a precious day. thank you for reminding me!

  • val

    Love the art print , great inspiration. By the way I went to your shop again, I love all items . One of this day I will get one are they all made by you? I am about to open my Etsy shop hopefully soon. Congrats


  • tammie

    oh i love katie daisy! and i love this quote! i have big plans on getting some of my designs printed onto fabric and stationery!!

  • Theresa

    I know what I want, I do. I just don’t have a plan and/or something holds me back. Fear? I admire people that have a dream and just go for it. Fearless. Noreen is right, every day is precious. I suppose if we live our life with this in mind, we are on the right path.

  • Hanna

    Just popped in after visiting “Jamie Says Dream”. I found myself pausing at this post, love the print and the message. I want to do so much in my life but, but, but…. there is always a but ;0) Love your blog so far, I’m going to keep on reading it now.