february 29th 2012

it is so hot here today. it is the last day of summer here in oz, and it is hot, hot, HOT. the cicadas are chirruping, the goannas are active and the sunlight is harshly bright.

the rhythms of the earth are so tangible at this time of year… days are slowly getting shorter, trees are showing signs of losing some of the vibrant green of their leaves. mornings have a lingering coolness to them.

even though it will not start to get cold for another couple of months, change is in the air.

i love the change of seasons, especially as we welcome in the cooler months. there are aspects of the warmer months that i love, but having pale skin (like i do) and living in the harsh australian climate is not easy. so it is with an audible sigh of relief that i welcome in autumn…

much love


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  • http://www.stillpluslife.com Lauren

    When I plugged your link into my browser, I was thinking how lovely and strange it was that as I’m getting up, you’re easing toward bed, but this set of opposites for us is even more extreme! The earth is waking up here in the US. In southeastern Virginia signs of spring are all around me. Our winter has been non-existent here, but still, my limbs are stretching toward the sun and warmth, just like the flowers budding and the birds returning. I love each season’s change and the new hope it brings us.

  • http://www.beachcitylifestyle.com Teri Roughen

    Autumn is my favorite time too. I love our beautiful weather but it’s always nice to feel a little shift in the air and you know it’s time to move on. Teri

  • Annie

    Goannas, like koalas, are impossible to say without an Australian accent!
    It’s starting to feel like spring here too. I would love a few of your super hot sunny days though!

  • http://www.ecotools.com/our-blog/feed/ Angel Collins

    I love summer! The summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.

  • http://littlelulu.posterous.com/ littlelulu

    Here just some feeble signs that spring will come soon…
    Wish you a wonderful new season :) !

  • http://jamiesaysdream.blogspot.com Jamie says dream

    Autumn is my favourite, and spring is second. We are going in to spring here in Sweden and you are approaching autumn. Fascinating to think of.

    I think I would like summer better if I lived in the countryside (I liked it as a child and teenager, and I grew up in the countryside). Cities are not at their best in the middle of summer.

    Hope you will be able to stay in the shade these very hot days. Beautiful photos!

    Love Maria

  • http://livingin40.blogspot.com/ Nina

    Autumn is my favorite season too. I like how the color of the leaves change and that it’s not hot and humid anymore. Don’t really mind the heat but the humidity gets to me. But now I’m looking forward to spring which is already in the air, already saw a couple of crocuses in the front yard of one of my neighbors.

  • http://inspirationcooperative.blogspot.com/ Theresa

    Autumn is my favorite season, as well. I find it so interesting that we have opposite seasons. I should probably be used to the idea by now, but it still fascinates me. Here in the States, Spring will arrive on March 20th. Just like that, our Winter will be over. I already see the changes coming – the days are getting longer and flowers are starting to blossom. I think we are all ready for it. Though, I must say we didn’t have much of a Winter really.

  • http://www.beautyofeverydaylife.blogspot.com Noreen Sullivan

    hello leah, sorry i have not been visiting – it’s report card time, and i’m working double hard. your photos are lovely. the flowers in vases in particular. i’m happy you are ready for the change in season. here we’ve had not-much winter – just mud and cold. so we are ready also, in the opposite direction. i noticed today that some boys in my class have outgrown their uniform pants, so wearing shorts starting in april will be lovely. happy friday!

  • http://blog.msdsonline.com/feed/ Angel Collins

    I like those Outfit, perfect fashion for hot summer. better if will have a glamorous sun glasses.

  • http://www.homeagainjog.com/ Heather B

    I’m waiting for summer weather, although I don’t want the year to go by even faster (it’s going fast enough already!) Where you live sounds so peaceful and lovely.

    The flowers are gorgeous :-)

  • http://Ww.A-little-birdy.blogspot.com Marit

    Gorgeous pics! Makes me long for summer.