pothole art…

i travel these roads daily. they are rural roads. no lines. no guttering. no speed limit and lots of potholes. there has been some amazing art pop up on our local roads in the form of pothole graffiti. not only does it look awesome, it also makes driving safer as you can see the potholes before you hit them. some of them are pretty deep.

so to the artist/s who have created such beauty, a heartfelt thankyou from me.

happy monday lovelies…


  • http://www.beautyofeverydaylife.blogspot.com Noreen Sullivan

    hello leah! i hope you had a lovely weekend. the pothole art is awesome. we could use some here. also i bet you have to be careful about walkers in the evening or dark. joy and happy monday to you! ps. it’s still sunday here. you’re on the vanguard.

  • http://www.frankieandswiss.com.au Michelle

    Thanks so much for your comment on our blog about the teepee’s! And I must say how much I love your blog and shop! Such beautiful wares. Shall be popping back here again for sure!

  • http://carlalovesphotography.blogspot.com Carla Coulson

    Pothole Art…….who wouldn’t love that!
    Have to admire all those artistic souls in northern NSW so much creativity in your area, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.
    Leah your blog is always inspiring and I am sure it is opening up a different world for you as it is me, have a very Merry Christmas with family and friends.
    Carla x

  • http://www.homeagainjog.com/ Heather B

    THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! What a great idea! I don’t know if it would fly here in Maine but I wish it would :-) Who makes the pothole art & what paint do they use? I may have to do that this spring on my road! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.stillpluslife.com Lauren

    Leah! I love these! My dad has been doing some amazing stuff with photos of road lines that he manipulates in photoshop…I really need to see if he’ll let me feature it someday. I can’t wait to show him this, he’ll love it! Have a great start to your week. It’s almost Christmas! xo

  • http://www.advo-kate.com Kate

    ha ! “pot-pop-art”- I love it ! bright + colorful traveling to you !

  • http://inspirationcooperative.blogspot.com/ Theresa

    This is gives a whole new meaning to ‘happy trails’. I agree, you are surrounded by so much beauty. Thanks for documenting and sharing it with us. Happy Monday!

  • http://jamiesaysdream.blogspot.com Jamie says dream

    i love street art like this, makes me smile. And we need smiles, right? :-) And this time it has a pracitcal value too, great!

    Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday! Hope you had a good weekend!

  • http://www.beautyofeverydaylife.blogspot.com Noreen Sullivan

    hey leah, one more thing – thanks again for nominating me for versatile blogger. i tried to copy your banner, like you did with jamie says dream, but couldn’t get it to work. ah well. i have a lot to learn. happy tuesday!

  • http://livingin40.blogspot.com/ Nina

    Love the pothole art! There is one street in my area that could use some sprucing up as well but maybe then the potholes would never get fixed ;)

  • http://www.beckschiclife.com Beck’s Chic Life

    I love this!!! We could defiantly use it here in the US, especially in New England where the pot holes are common and dangerous! Unfortunately I am sure someone would get arrested for painting around them, even though it is so pretty and helpful!