photo friday challenge {sweetness}

 this weeks challenge is ‘sweetness’.

my babe sleeping. i’ve always loved watching my children sleeping. so sweet to me.

happy weekend

much love xxx

{this challenge is organised by carly. you can visit carly’s blog, the simple things to find out more.}


  • Theresa

    Aw, love seeing sleeping children! So peaceful and beautiful, yours is no exception. With my kids, I wonder what they’re dreaming about and I love to give them soft, little kisses all over their face. Have a really wonderful weekend, Leah!

  • Liz Villacorta

    She is so sweet looking even in her sleep!! You are going to have such great pics to show her when she get older! Have a beautiful weekend Leah!

  • Sandra

    What a beautiful, peaceful image. I’ve been loving seeing your photos on Instagram. Just letting you know, I’ve been sharing the love on my blog and have nominated you for a Leibster Award. Hope you don’t mind?! Sandra

  • Noreen Sullivan

    just beautiful. i love them sleeping also. happy weekend, leah!

  • Jamie says dream

    A sleeping child is so peaceful and beautiful!

    Hope you are having a good weekend. Drink lots of fluid if it’s hot :-)

  • Teri Roughen

    very sweet. so innocent, and I love the black and white exposure! Teri

  • val

    What a lovely and peaceful picture love it!

    happy new week

    xxxoo Val

  • Tamsyn

    You captured ‘sweetness’ so perfectly xx

  • Michelle

    Aww very sweet!

  • annie

    Wow what a beautiful photo Leah x