moments from my weekend…

i woke to this gorgeous face under my mosquito net. how could today not be great?

today was a rare monday morning. i woke content. happy and satisfied by my weekend and looking forward to the new week. a strange feeling, but i like it. {most monday mornings i wake up wishing it was still the weekend…}

my weekend was so lovely. so, so lovely! friday night we went to the opening of the ‘hey! maker’ potatoprintpopup shop. {‘hey! maker’ is the the collaboration of 4 creatives: ellie beckbelinda smithjo olive & kathy egan}. wine and potato prints… such a great combination. my miss s got to see her cousins and we were so happy. {you can check out them out at Hey Maker! Creative Collective blog or on facebook}


saturday was social, followed by the difficult task of starting to go through my mama’s personal stuff… not easy by any means, but possibly cathartic: i’m not sure yet….


we’ve been spending lush afternoons at brunswick heads, being by the water. just being together. i love these moments.

and my beautiful ‘slow sunday’. just perfect. tree climbing, pancake making, and cleaning my boy’s bedroom ready for him to come home for the holidays. 5 days and counting! so excited!

much love;

and a wishing you a happy new week


  • Tamsyn

    Such a gorgeous face. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend :)

  • Teri

    looks so great by the water. very relaxing. love the potato stamps! haven’t seen those in forever. Teri

  • Liz Villacorta

    Leah, such beautiful memories were captured by you this weekend!! Glad to see and hear all about it here and on Instagram :) Happy April and Monday to you too dear!

  • annie

    Ah she has such a lovely smile! Glad you had a good weekend and I can’t imagine how excited you must be to see your son!x

  • Heather B

    I never would have thought to combine potato printing and wine, so clever! You live in such a beautiful, idyllic place and your daughter’s smile is just lovely!

  • Theresa

    Oh, that smile! So happy to hear you experienced another successful Slow Sunday. Actually, your whole weekend seems like it was wonderful. Wine and potato stamping? Yes, please.
    I do hope you find going through your mom’s stuff cathartic. Tread lightly and do it when you’re ready. Maybe grab your sister and do it together. xx

  • Lauren

    I love that photo of your daughter! Just love it! It’s so interesting to me, Leah. Another friend of mine lost her mother at almost the same time you lost yours and she’s just now starting to help her dad sort through her mom’s stuff too. She’s apprehensive about it and sad, but also feeling ready to face this part of the process. I can’t tell you how it warms my heart to hear you’re facing the week..with peace.

    And what a lovely collection of friends and family you have! Gorgeous!

  • Kate

    What a sweet smile ! Looks like a beautiful weekend to me !

  • Jamie says dream

    It sure sounds and looks like a lovely weekend! And so pretty photos :-)

    Potato printing looks so fun, and all the prints looks so good together on the wall. Even if the patterns are simple, it looks really great when so good with all of them gathered.

    I can understand your mixed feelings about going through your mothers things. It brings up a lot of memories, and that is both good and bad. Good to remember special moments, but makes you miss them a lot too. I have a few things from my mother in my apartment, and I’m very happy to have them. I look at most of them every day.

    I hope your good start of the week will turn in to a good week all in all.

    Love Maria

  • Michelle

    Awww such a sweet face! Sounds like a really great weekend. But, I can’t imagine how that would feel to go through your mom’s stuff. Hope that you and your family can do it together.

  • Nina

    What a great smile to wake up to :) The potato stamping looks like fun and it’s so good to hear that you had a good weekend! I can only image how it must feel to go through your mom’s things and all the memories and emotions you’ve been going through. Take one step at a time…xx

  • Marit

    Can I live our life..just for one day.. :) Beautiful!!

  • tammie

    That last picture is unreal! Such a magic moment caught forever.