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the small stuff…


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i’m a bit lost for words today. but i feel like this image sums up what has been going on for me. i am practicing not sweating the small stuff. i’m trying to cultivate resilience and trying to lead by example.

i want my children to be compassionate, confident, resilient, happy beings.

hope your tuesday is wonder full xxx




how do you spell love?


my 5y.o is home from school today. it seems that the fluey thing i had is doing the rounds. it is grey and wet and very windy. so autumnal, i love it.

here are some of my favourite inspirational pictures that i turn to when i’m feeling a bit exhausted…


1. tao of pooh | 2. | 3. in decor tumblr via country living uk | 4. yummy supper : masala chai latte

nuturing, comforting, turning inwards.

slowing down.

{we are feeling the love}

much love on this wet monday afternoon


beauty in imperfection

so often i wait. for the right time. the right moment. the right person… i wait because i want ‘it’ to be perfect {whatever ‘it’ is}… well i’m loosening my reigns. releasing my expectations. that is the plan anyway.

perfect is often overrated {right?}. sometimes i just need ‘real’… and to be able to see the beauty in imperfection.

i love perfect moments, but i can’t sustain them.  my life is real, and this is when the magic usually happens. my kids learn and create, usually this is messy. i have a tendency to collect pretty ‘things’ even though storage in our home is lacking. i spend more time hanging out playing cubbies and tea parties than i do scrubbing the bathroom. our chickens like to be part of the family and hang out on the verandah with us… this creates, ummm, more imperfection….

my life is not perfect. my life is messy. but that is ok, i love it the way it is.


much love xxx


1. Rosie Geissler  | 2. by me