happy christmas

Hope and Christmas lights

it has been a long time since my last post, too long, but i haven’t forgotten about you all. you know who you are. those of you who have seen me through some of my most special moments and also been with me when i was at my lowest. i am so glad to have you in my life…

i want to wish you a beautiful, wonder-filled christmas filled with love and laughter, and hopefully more moments doing what you love.


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sending you love xxx



one of my best friends is due to have her first baby in 3 weeks. yesterday we travelled to her home for her ‘mama & baby blessing day’. it was a gorgeous day filled with 4 generations of women.

i feel truly honoured to be asked to be this baby’s godmother; and miss s was asked to be ‘godsister’. adorned with her crown of australian natives, created to celebrate her new title and responsibility, miss s is totally ready to rock as godsister to this new little one.

we are eagerly awaiting his/her arrival.


blessing day 1

blessing day 4blessing day 7blessing day 10blessing day 5

much love to you all 



{ a belated thank you august }


august is one of my favourite (and also one of my most emotional) months. miss s and i share a birthday. it is always so awesome seeing her joy and excitement build. then a few weeks after that is my mama’s birthday. for me the month oscillates between joy; and sadness and longing….

but here we are on the other side of august. heart a little aching. but ok, and positive.

blossoms mornings with the chooks mud trail_pinkyandmaurice feathers and ponchos blossom antlers


spring is in full swing… my boy is home for the holidays…. and i am full of inspiration…

much love, 

leah xxx

moments from my week: adventures at southwall


dearest friends… your kindness and friendship touches my heart every day… fills me with joy. i feel so supported and loved. thankyou


southwall 1

dolphin spotting

southwall 2

southwall 4

southwall 3


:: watching dolphins and collecting flowers on the break wall

:: southwall is my favourite spot to be in the afternoons at the moment

:: if you look closely you can see the dolphins fin in the water

:: sunset silhouettes; miss s and her bear

much love xxx


the post i have been meaning to write



hello lovely friends. how quickly the days are passing. i have been writing this post in my head for a  while now. wanting to explain my absence…. it’s nothing major, i am just in a bit of a funk.

it’s quite simple really; i am sad and desperately missing my mama.

we have just had 2 weeks of school holidays and my boy was home with us. it was wonderful… but it is in these quiet, bliss like moments that i feel sad that my mum is missing out on seeing her grandchildren grow into gorgeous human beings; and that my kids don’t have their adoring nanna who loved them unconditionally.

i know i can’t change this, and i am not looking for sympathy. i just wanted to let you know what’s going on in this heart of mine.

it wasn’t all sad though. we had a lovely time together. and i am absolutely chuffed to say that the way these two love each other fills my heart with joy.


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we spent one wet morning snuggled together on one bed learning basic macrame. i thought i was going to burst with happiness. at that moment i was so content and happy that we were just all together.


winter holidays 4 winter holidays 5

over the holidays miss s has learned the joy of reading novels to herself… this opens up an amazing world to her.

and as for my boy…. it was sad to part. but i know he is thriving and happy and loved; that is all this mama could wish for.



much love to you xxx 


and last but definitely not least, thank you to all of you who commented, emailed and messaged me to make sure i was ok. i am touched by your kindness and friendship…